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Operating System

$AVRS: Output Management Solutions

$AVRS is the system output (SYSOUT) log retrieval and viewing component of SEA’s Output Management Solution designed to significantly reduce the personnel and system resources required to handle the archival and audit requirements of mainframe Job logs.


Abend-AID, Compuware’s mainframe application failure resolution and fault management solution, enables IT staffs to reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of manually cross-referencing pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why an application failure occurred.

absMessage: Message and Resource Monitoring

SEA offers one of the leading tools on the market to help automate IBM i (AS400) system monitoring and eliminate system-related surprises and headaches.

absScheduler: Job Scheduling and Workload Automation

absScheduler automates and simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes on IBM i systems. 

Alliance Encryption and Security Suite

Syncsort’s Alliance Encryption and Security Suite for IBM i contains a set of tools that work alone or separately to help your organization comply with regulatory requirements and implement security best practices. The modules in Syncsort’s Alliance suite include:

Allocation Control Center (ACC)

The Allocation Control Center (ACC) is a system software product that allows installations to control DASD and TAPE resources. 

Application Audit

Compuware Application Audit enables security and compliance teams to easily capture start-to-finish mainframe user behavior in real time, including all successful logins, session keyboard commands and menu selections, and specific data viewed, without making any changes to mainframe applications.


With ASNA Mobile RPG (MR), your RPG programmers can create smartphone and tablet applications that connect directly to the IBM i with read/write database access. 

ASNA Monarch

Monarch transforms IBM i programs or applications originally written in ILE RPG or RPG/400, into a native Microsoft .NET application. 

ASNA Services

ASNA's worldwide services team has what it takes to make your project a success. From small websites all the way to million-line enterprise RPG application migrations, from providing a little direction and guidance to doing 100 percent of the work for you, our team can help you.

ASNA Synon Escape

Are you feeling trapped by your Synon/CA 2E application? You need Synon Escape! ASNA’s new Synon/CA 2E IBM i application refactoring/migration suite frees you from Synon dependencies.


ASNA Visual RPG is an RPG compiler for Microsoft's .NET Framework ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) is the only RPG compiler available for .NET. 

ASNA Wings

ASNA Wings lets you quickly and effectively give your users the experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic. 

Atrium: Modern, Centralized Navigation

Securely tie your IBM i applications into an intuitive and easy-to-use browser interface. Atrium’s interface offers a straightforward navigation system that includes the use of drop-down trees, accordion panels, toolbars and pull-down menus.


Barcode400 is native IBM i software that gives you the capability to design and print labels directly from your IBM i in minutes. Compliance and RFID labeling is just as easy using Barcode400's tools and templates.


BCS Groups REORG While Active is a powerful utility for IBM i. It “reorganizes” a physical file without locking it while all these records are being moved. 

BMC AMI Defender for z/OS (Formerly CorreLog zDefender for z/OS)

In real-time, BMC AMI Defender for z/OS delivers security event messages from z/OS to distributed SIEM systems and IT Security Operations Centers.


BPA4DB2/SQLQC is a buffer pool advisor and SQL performance solution for Db2 for z/OS.

c/XDC (Extended Debugging Controller)

c/XDC expands z/XDC’s powerful, interactive, source-level debugging to include IBM's XL/C languages.

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