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TapeSTREAMFX Virtual Tape Library

Fischer TapeStreamFX Virtual Tape Library cost effectively emulates IBM 3480 and 3490E tape drives. TapeStreamFX uses enhanced data compression with up to an 80 percent reduction in data storage and a file location index to reduce the time to locate individual files.
The TapeStreamFX server connects directly and easily to your mainframe using a FICON channel. TapeStreamFX uses your enterprise data storage solution for tape images. It improves reliability by using 64-bit CRC technology on each block of data. Tape volumes are mounted immediately using local disk storage.
It uses a TN3270 console management service that can be accessed directly from the mainframe or your enterprise chosen client. The TapeStreamFX operations management interface works like your other mainframe applications with an intuitive user interface.
TapeStreamFX now includes a scratch tape manager that gives the user more control by the ability to set parameters and recover.
Other features include:

  • TapeStreamFX uses your enterprise SAN/NAS appliance for tape volume image storage
  • TapeStreamFX automated tape management reduces tape mount time and eliminates operator intervention. All scratch tape volume management functions can be automated through batch jobs.
  • TapeStreamFX works with existing mainframe tape management systems and all leading dump/restore utility software. TapeStreamFX does not require any JCL or additional mainframe software.
  • TapeStreamFX is fast and dramatically reduces batch job time.
TapeStreamFX is scalable and able to meet your virtual tape drive requirements; performing fast, cost-effectively and efficiently.

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