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Fischer’s vision for software development over the last 30 years has been to provide innovative solutions designed to leverage and enhance the mainframe’s place in the enterprise at all levels. The vision included mainframe to mainframe as well as acknowledging that the PC would become an integral part of the enterprise solution. Before the phrase "multiplatform" enterprise was coined, Fischer instituted the practice of solutions for it. Being a powerful tool, Fischer stood firmly in its vision that the mainframe would evolve and remain an integral part of the overall enterprise solution.

The introduction of secure, reliable messaging software for mainframe was so revolutionary that many corporations and government entities continue to utilize TAO today. But mainframe also needed software to handle its data. What started out as a simple replacement for an ISPF output function, developed a programmable interface, with JES2 analysis and display panels. IOF JES2 Management through the years became a key worldwide productivity tool for Fortune 100 corporations and government, IOF functions today with features such as a JES2 output fully supported email interface, IOFSend, and personal archiving, IOFJAMS.

The vision incorporating security into the Fischer brand would not stop at mainframe. Smarty, a business smart card reader was introduced in the 1990s along with Watch Dog, a guard against nonauthorized transactions on a PC. This led the way in acknowledging that personal computing would eventually be a component of the enterprise solution. Fischer continued the tradition to guarantee secure password and identity management in the development of Fischer International Identity (

Never resting on its laurels, Fischer pushes on to develop new software to facilitate the security of mainframe information through TapeSTREAMFX, a virtual tape management system that guarantees backup and stores corporate information securely.

First and foremost, Fischer envisioned business transaction security—in email, storage and access to information, no matter which product it developed. For more than 30 years, Fischer International has led the way to global commerce in the tools that allow worldwide business to operate. Our commitment to providing innovative products and solutions for the new global enterprise will remain our primary mission.

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