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About the Solutions Edition: Online Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the 2019 IBM Systems magazine 2019 Solutions Editions, platform specific guides to the latest services and products you need to make the most of your IBM investments. Whether you are seeking more from your analytics, hoping to improve efficiency with a new cloud strategy or you simply need a security boost, the guides are here to help easily direct you to the solutions that are best for you.

The IBM Systems magazine 2019 Solutions Edition is your online Buyer’s Guide that offers exclusive product listings by topic areas—hardware, software, software-vertical markets, services and education, and a complete company directory with company showcases.

When using the Online Buyer's Guide, use these search hints:

  • You must select at least one field to conduct a search;
  • Making your search too specific by entering information in many fields can sometimes yield no results. Keep your search broad and narrow it if too many products match your parameters;
  • When conducting a search for a specific company or product, you do not have to type in the full exact name - an abbreviated version or keyword will often be enough;
  • Enhanced listings are those that contain supporting assets such as whitepapers, free downloads, videos and webinars;

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