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IBM i Links You Need

December 11, 2014

  There is a vast amount of information out there on IBM i and yet, as I travel the world talking to IBM i clients, I continue to encounter hundreds – perhaps thousands – who don’t the starting points that help you find that information. So, today, I’m going to share some links to useful information. We’ll do some base landing pages, other strategic information sources, some excellent recent articles from the technical team, and methods for following the news on social media.
Base Landing Sites
IBM Power Systems IBM i web page – Most of the links I will give you in the rest of this blog can be found starting at the official IBM i home page. But I’m not going to recreate that page here, so my basic recommendation is this: If you wonder what’s new in IBM i, start looking here.
IBM Knowledge Center for IBM i – The technical reference material for IBM products, including IBM i, is now in Knowledge Center, and we’ve moved the material for all releases from V5R3 through 7.2 to that site.
IBM i home on developerWorks – As I said back in March, the IBM i strategy for technical information has three IBM pillars, supplemented by social media. The three pillars are the IBM Knowledge Center (above), IBM Redbooks (coming next) and developerWorks, where we have excellent articles from technical experts, and where we also document the functions we deliver with Technology Refreshes.
IBM i Redbooks – while you can certainly go to the Power Systems part of the Redbook site, I thought I’d highlight a few of the key IBM i publications here.
IBM i 7.2 Technical Overview, through TR1 – We’ve been working on this for a while now, and it’s finally ready for its draft publication.
IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview through TR7 – Many of our clients still need to learn about the capabilities of 7.1, so this Redbook will be useful for many years to come, because the 7.2 Redbook does not include the 7.1 material.
IBM i Modernization Redbook – This is exceptionally informative. Tim Rowe and many others have talked about it.
IBM i Modernization Tools – This is a very recent addition to the library, which details the capabilities of many of the IBM i modernization vendors, most of whom contributed to the previous Redbook.
Row & Column Access Control for DB2 for i – The biggest DB2 function for 7.2 has its own document.
IBM i 7.1 BRMS Enterprise Enhancements – Do you do BRMS? Do you use the Enterprise features? Should you? How are they used?
Competitive Studies
The studies that compare IBM i to our competitors have links on the IBM i home page, but they are important enough to get mentioned again here. (You have to provide IBM some information to get them.)
ITG IBM i Mid-Size customer report
ITG IBM i Enterprise customer report
ITG IBM i SAP report
Technical Topics From the Team
The next group of links points you to articles and blogs with widely applicable information.
IBM i and IBM POWER8 – This article by Chris Francois is a leading candidate for “must bookmark” – it has so much information about how IBM i 7.2 interacts with the latest systems, including cores per partition, SMT levels, throughput and more.
Row vs. Column Database – This has been a hot topic in DB and Application circles for the past year or so. My blog talks about it from a high level.
In-Memory Database and DB2 for i – Mike Cain addresses what “In-Memory” means, and how it relates to our DB2.
Accessing Web Services from DB2 for i – This is a whitepaper whichexplains how to access Web services using IBM DB2 for i SQL queries and user-defined functions.
iAccess and Navigator – descriptions and directions –Tim Rowe explains the various parts of the iAccess family, and how they relate to the browser-based Navigator.
Very Large DB2 on i– ‘There is a difference - a BIG difference - between “doing database” and doing “very large database”’ – This is the opening line of Mike Cain’s excellent post for those people who have lots of data in IBM i.
IBM i 7.2 Networking Support – The 7.2 release had a very large number of networking enhancements. Dawn May has a series of blog entries about some of the key enhancements. As of the writing of this blog, four of the five planned blog articles have been written. Here is a link to the first.
IBM i 7.2 System SSL Support – The SSL support on the system not only got covered in Dawn’s blog series, but it also has its own article.
Software License Transfer for IBM i – A very “technical” document with legal information. It’s not for everyone, but for some of you, it’s something to bookmark for the future.
Wow – I keep running into more of these! Maybe I’ll have to do a second blog. And I will also tweet them. Speaking of Twitter….
IBM i IBMers on Twitter
Alison Butterill: @IBMiSight
Scott Forstie: @Forstie_IBMi
Dawn May: @DawnMayiCan
Ron Schmerbauch: @SAPonIBMi
Ian Jarman: @ianpjarman
And then there are blogs.
Blogs from IBMers
The following blogs have had a stream of new posts this year, and you probably are aware of them all, but two of them have moved since last year (as this blog has) so it’s worth checking to make sure you have the current link.
Dawn May’s “i Can” blog
Tim Rowe’s “Modern-i-zation” blog
Mike Cain’s DB2 for i blog
No list of links can be comprehensive, so I apologize in advance to anyone I’ve missed. But I think most of you are likely to find articles or sites here which you will want to read or keep in a safe place for future reference.
Good reading!


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