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Winning Customers with Modernization & IBM i – Modernization Part 4

September 19, 2013

While I was on my trip to Australia and New Zealand to participate in conferences and to speak with IBM i customers and partners, I ran across two more stories dealing with modernization and IBM i. Well, OK, I ran into more than two stories, but these highlight an important reason to modernize: winning customers.

Zellis logoThe first story is about an application called Moorepayhr, which evolved from a traditional RPG application. The company behind this application is now called Zellis (formerly NGA Human Resources). You might have read about them recently in an article in IT Jungle written by Dan Burger. I highly recommend you read through it, because the story of this application is quite interesting. Moorepayhr comes from the Preceda On Demand solution Dan mentions.

For the purposes of this blog, the key point is this: the new, modern, Software as a Service application was successful in bringing new clients – to Zellis, and to IBM i. How successful? Zellis brought 1,000 new clients to IBM i, in the first year of Moorepayhr! Their solution competes with on-premise solutions, and with other solutions in the cloud/SaaS world, and they won 1,000 new clients with their modern approach, which still has RPG as its core business processing language.

Paragon logo.jpgThe second story for this blog comes from a tweet I saw from partner looksoftware. They worked with Paragon Consulting Services, which owns a solution called Metalware, which is used in the metals industry. Did you know there are applications for the “metals industry?” That’s one of the great things about this platform – you seem to be able to find applications specific to almost any industry! Well, Metalcraft is one of those solutions, but it was challenged by the perception of its application as being out of date because of the interface it used.

Working with looksoftware, Paragon gave Metalware a new look, and the results were dramatic. According to their case study “As soon as we started showing this to our prospective customers, we had immediate results. Our customer growth increased by 100%,” said Shawne O’Connor, Director at Paragon. 100%! That’s a business result. And again, because their solution runs on Power Systems and IBM i, they are bringing new clients to the platform.

Our marketplace has always been driven by solutions. “Application System” is still at the heart of what the IBM i platform is. When our application vendors take advantage of the new capabilities IBM i provides, when they provide powerful modern solutions with the kinds of interfaces clients want, delivered on a system in the customer shop, or over the Internet in a SaaS or Cloud solution, they continue to win, and the platform gains new users.




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