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Where You'll Find Me - Fall Events

October 1, 2013

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If any of you follow me on Twitter (@Steve_Will_IBMi), you know I’ve been talking to customers and partners quite frequently lately. It’s one of the biggest parts of my job. Today, I thought I would mention a few upcoming events at which I’ll be speaking.

For those of you in the U.S. (or anywhere else) who would like to spend some time in Orlando, Florida, the Enterprise 2013 conference is just around the corner. From October 21-25 at the Bonnet Creek Resort, this event will have a multitude of IBM topics, from mainframe to cognitive systems to Power Systems and of course IBM i. I’ll be speaking on Trends and 7.1, as well as reprising my “double act” celebrating the “IBM i 25” birthday topic with Ian Jarman. I’m certainly not the only one talking about IBM i, though. From IBM’s ranks, we will have Alison Butterill, Tim Rowe, Jenny Dervin, Steve Finnes, Barbara Morris, Dawn May and several more IBM i experts. And our IBM Champions will be well represented by Steve Pitcher and Pete Massiello, plus there are great sessions by Mike Pavlak. It’s going to be a great conference. You can register at this link.

Here’s a video advertisement for the event. Less than a minute. Looks exciting, doesn’t it?


In November, I will travel to Japan again to participate in the annual conference focused on IBM i and Power Systems. This year it is in Beppu, on the island of Kyushu. These conferences average between 1,400 – 2,000 participants, and there is always a lot of excitement at the events.

I suppose perhaps I should have started with the event that will be going on as many of you are reading this. On October 2-3 we will be hosting an IBM i Cloud Summit for ISVs and Managed Service Providers. We’ll be sharing information about IBM’s Cloud/Virtualization strategy, and specifically the plans and roadmaps for IBM i. This is clearly an area of growth in our market, and while we have delivered many key technologies to allow the delivery of cloud and SaaS services on IBM i, there is more to come. We’re excited to help our ISV and MSP partners move faster in their adoption of cloud, and we also want their help setting priorities for upcoming capabilities.

I’ll also be giving the opening talk at an annual event run by Robert Kennedy of CPS Technologies, one of our business partners in the Minneapolis area. It’s been a couple of years since I talked to this group of customers and it’s nice to have something relatively “local” – it won’t require a plane flight!

Add the above to the Infinium conference I just keynoted a couple weeks ago, the NiSUG (COMMON Great Britain) event at which I also delivered a keynote address, several events at the Rochester and Austin briefing centers for customers from around the world in many industries, and well – it’s been a busy time for me. And I’m not the only one. Recent trips by Alison, Tim, Jenny, Kris Whitney, Mark Anderson and more demonstrate how active our development and product team has been in connecting with customers.

Next week will be announcement week, so we’ll talk about the announcement here and in other IBM i and Power blogs. Until then, keep and eye out for us. We just might be presenting at a conference or user group near you!



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