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New PureFlex for i

June 9, 2013

Today's guest blogger is Jeff Howard, IBM Vice President of Marketing for IBM PureFlex Systems. Jeff and I were both at the IBM i Large User Group meeting last week, and he wanted a chance to talk directly to the IBM i audience as a whole about a new integrated offering. Here's Jeff.

Jeff Howard and Steve Will with an IBM PureFlex System

Like many other IBMers who have contributed to the IBMi25 celebrations, my connections to the AS/400 also go right back to 1988, when I sold my first model B10 to a small manufacturer in South Carolina. The AS/400 brought forward all the best of the System/36 and System/38 platforms, creating the industry’s most successful integrated system. Its virtualized single level storage and integrated database made for a system that was simple to administer and manage regardless of the size of your company. With access to the thousands of applications on the platform, hundreds of thousands of clients became loyal AS/400 – and later – IBM i fans.

At the same time as these companies were running AS/400 applications for their core business applications, however, many of them were also installing x86 servers and separate storage to handle file and print servers and additional applications. Over time, the industry gradually developed specialized vendors for x86 servers and storage area networks, with their separate databases and management tools. Soon the environment had become very complex as clients were forced to work through the interdependencies of making all these different technology components work together.

Fast forward to April 2012, and IBM responded by introducing PureSystems – built on the all-new Flex System components – creating a new category of “expert integrated system” that strives to offer the simplicity of management and integration of the AS/400 and IBM i, while supporting the breadth of virtualized, multi-OS environments that have developed over the last two decades.

IBM PureFlex System offers a single point of control with the Flex System Manager, while supporting both x86 and POWER architectures, a range of hypervisors including PowerVM, KVM, VMware and Hyper-V, and applications across Windows, Linux, AIX, and of course, IBM i. PureFlex essentially allows you to get the best of both worlds: a fully integrated environment for both your IBM i and x86 applications.

This week, we are announcing our new IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i, which is a specially packaged and priced solution for small and midsized IBM i clients. It’s ideal for companies that want to run IBM i on our expert integrated systems, but also want to fully integrate and manage their x86 compute nodes in the same chassis.

So, congratulations and happy 25th birthday to IBM i, and happy first birthday to its integrated descendant, IBM PureSystems.


To read more, check out the IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i website:


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