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IBM i at 25: The Rochester Way

June 4, 2013

The IBM i 25th anniversary, which we’ve been celebrating for two months now on Facebook (link not active), concludes today with a look at how the “Rochester Way” has contributed to our clients’ success. Our guest blogger on the topic is Dave Nelson, Director of IBM i development and a member of the team in Rochester, Minnesota. Read Dave’s post, then it’s not too late to join the conversation (link not active).

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We began this journey together 25 years ago with the introduction of the AS/400. I have had the great fortune since 2007 to lead the extraordinary team responsible for the development of IBM i. People tend to think of “Rochester, Minnesota” when they think of IBM i, but in reality, there is a large group of talented people throughout the world who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the success of our customers, partners and the platform.

There is something special about the “Rochester Way” – a spirit of teamwork and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to satisfy the needs of our customers. And as IBM has transitioned from a multinational company to a globally integrated enterprise, this “Rochester Way” has been cultivated in an exceptional team around the world. We have tapped into the breadth and depth of IBM’s expertise to bring great technologies and solutions to market. Our worldwide research and development work with Power Systems thrives today.

It was very fitting that we launched this anniversary celebration at the annual COMMON conference in April. We have always enjoyed the opportunity to showcase our latest products and share our future directions with our most important constituents, our clients. The input that we receive from all user forums throughout the IBM i community is of great value. We rely on the two-way dialog regarding our strategies. The honest, critical feedback we receive from clients helps drive the direction of our products.

From the very beginning, we have worked to deliver solutions that were simple and integrated. Yet many of the challenges that our customers face are unique, so we have close partnerships with ISVs, business partners, and across IBM through IBM Support and Lab Services to help guide our customers through any situation they might encounter.

IBM Power Systems and the future of IBM i


It may have started as a simple idea – one that gave us a solid foundation on which to build, carried us to the present, and allows us to look forward to the future – but it would not have been possible without the commitment of everyone around the world that was willing to embrace the “Rochester Way”. We are all very hard at work on the next generation of Power Systems hardware and software that will bring new value and an exceptional client experience to our IBM i users around the world. I thank all of you for your partnership on this journey and look forward to many more years of success together.



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