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IBM i 7.1 Knowledge Center, Redbooks and developerWorks

March 13, 2014

Three big items in the world of IBM i information are now available for public consumption, so it’s worth telling you about them. I’ll give you quick notes and links for each.

The IBM Knowledge Center I talked about last month is now live.

The link is

This site is the replacement for the Information Center. It has all the information about our supported releases, and when 7.2 gets announced, you will find the technical reference material there.

Knowledge Center Live

Redbook CoverThe updated IBM i 7.1 Redbooks publication has been released in draft form. This document has been updated to contain technical information about content through IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 7. This will be the final update for this Redbooks publication, because we’ll start planning for a 7.2 Redbooks publication when the first of the TRs for that release becomes available. 

The link is

Last, but not least, the IBM i zone in developerWorks has a new look. The entire developerWorks library is being relaunched using the IBM Connections product.

The link is

DeveloperWorks Connections

You’ll note that the link to the Technology Updates link, which takes you to TR information, is now a nice graphic of an arrow, on the right side of the page.

Things are getting exciting this late winter as we move toward the IBM i 7.2 announce, and it’s great to get these three things out ahead of that event, so they don’t get lost among all the other hype. The teams responsible for these hope you find them useful.



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