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Happy Birthday IBM i

June 20, 2013

25withlogo (2).jpg
Here it is! After a long build-up, the actual birthday is here. June 21, 2013 marks 25 years since the introduction of the AS/400. Today we officially say “Happy Birthday, IBM i!”

So where are the gifts?

As my children were growing up, they anxiously awaited their birthdays. On that special day, they were treated with their favorite meal, they typically had friends over for a party and … they got gifts! But they had to wait—wait for that single, special day. And on that day, they received many gifts from family and friends.

Not so for us in the IBM i community. Our gifts have been unwrapped almost daily over the past couple of months. In fact, since we kicked off the celebration at the COMMON conference, the IBM part of the family have been revealing our celebration material over time. We didn’t want to have all of the fun centered on one single day; we wanted a party that would last months. One of the benefits of this approach is that the community outside of IBM has also had the chance to share their gifts for the birthday.

Blogs, articles and reminiscences on Facebook have flowed steadily. I enjoy looking at the photos from around the world as user groups and conference participants have celebrated and then shared their photos. If you’ve been following the ibmi25 Facebook Page at (link not active), you have also seen advertisements and pictures from the platform’s past. Japan’s iManifest group has even created their own page to carry the celebration to that part of the world, where IBM i is so heavily used by businesses.

Though hundreds of people around the world now “Like” or “Follow” the ibmi25 Facebook Page (it’s over 1,500 the last time I checked) that does not come close to indicating the total scope of the celebration so far. Because you do not have to “Like” or “Follow” in order to see the content on the page, thousands of others have benefited from the material shared there – whether the material is one of the 25 chapters we’ve debuted there, or whether it is one of the many celebration photos from COMMON, LUG, South America, Europe or Japan. In fact, last week, we totaled up the number of “hits” which have been driven by this campaign, and it is over 325,000!

And it will continue to grow. We are celebrating this birthday for the rest of 2013. I know I will be in Australia, New Zealand, Orlando and Japan – and probably more places – at conferences where we can celebrate as I also take the chance to talk to clients.

We do have a few new items for this week – the week ending June 21– so I want to mention them. We created a whitepaper that collects all 25 chapters that appeared on Facebook. It can be found at (Speaking of those chapters, I also really appreciate the online collection of them, together with links to their companion blog entries, which are on the Angus blog.) Also just released is a new video featuring Dr. Frank Soltis called “From a simple idea to a revolutionary system.”


We’ve also published some of the initial “Silverlake” pages, which some of us will be using at conferences and user groups throughout the rest of the year. And I am sure there will be more.

So as I wish the platform a hearty Happy Birthday, I can also look forward to continuing the party throughout the rest of 2013. I hope you’re enjoying it. I certainly have been.








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