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A Look at the IBM Dallas ISV Center Offerings

June 17, 2019

This post is the second is a series on ISVs, service providers, the Dallas ISV Center offerings, PartnerWorld and the IBM Global Solutions Directory. As I wrote last week, the context for these topics is primarily IBM Z although the topics and solutions directory offerings discussed could be much broader than that. This week, I want to focus on the IBM Dallas ISV Center Offerings.
The IBM Z Dallas ISV Center delivers mainframe technology innovations to the IBM Z ISV community. The resources available through the Dallas ISV Center include options for testing, developing and supporting solutions with the latest mainframe technologies. It’s valuable to have access to the latest systems for testing, as you don’t want your clients to find problems that you could have found through testing if you just had the latest release of hardware and software. 
These resources include remote system access, select offering capabilities, packaged downloads for the IBM Z Personal Development Tool and information on the direction of future technology through the IBM Z ISV early programs. This is really useful access and information.
What are the Main Offerings? 
The four key offerings from Dallas described below involve solution validation, test drives and remote development programs. Let me jump in and explain them.
Validation Program for z/OS
The Validation Program for z/OS makes it possible for PartnerWorld members to confirm the capabilities of their solutions on an IBM Z platform running z/OS. This program is an easy way to get this task completed ensuring that what you have to sell and support works well.
Linux Test Drive
The Linux Test Drive makes it possible for PartnerWorld members to develop, port and test-drive their Linux solutions on IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z platforms. PartnerWorld membership is required to use these services. There are three offering options:
  1. The Test Drive  option provides short-term access to Linux running on IBM Z running as a guest of z/VM that’s available at no charge for 180 days. 
  2. The Remote Development program is for additional duration (more time) and resources beyond the no-charge option for Linux on IBM Z.
  3. The IBM Systems Application Advantage for Linux (Chiphopper) program, which is available to help with porting, testing and validating x86 Linux solutions to IBM POWER and IBM Z platforms. Chiphopper can also be utilized with any of the above offerings. 
IBM Z Remote Development Program Offerings 
The IBM Z Remote Development Program (RDP) offering is available to IBM Z ISVs who are members of IBM PartnerWorld. The RDP offering provides IBM Z ISVs with low-cost remote access to virtual system environments for the purposes of developing, porting and testing applications that run on IBM Z platforms. 
The virtual system environments include generally available versions of OSes that run on the IBM Z platform, including z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux on Z distributions (Red Hat Inc. and SUSE LLC). The system environments run as virtual guests under IBM z/VM. Each virtual guest system is dedicated to the use of the participating partner, which provides a high level of system control and configuration independence within their environment. 
The RDP offering is structured for the partner to be largely self-reliant with minimal assistance needed from IBM. Participants in the offering assume the role of system and security administrator for their virtual guest system environment and are expected to have the necessary system skills. Those skills include subsystem administration, security administration and console operations.
Linux on IBM Z Remote Development Program
With this program, partners can develop, port and test their Linux RedHat, SuSE and/or Ubuntu solutions on IBM Z as a guest of IBM z/VM. The system is available for an extended period of time and can be customized to meet an ISV’s needs.
What Else?
In addition, there are ISV limited program offerings  that include IBM Z Integrated Information Processor for ISVs and Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool for ISVs. There’s also support for the IBM Z Personal Development Tool (zPDT). Here is what you need to know about z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM and their supported products for the zPDT. 
IBM Software stacks for zPDT systems provide ISVs with z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and associated middleware products. The z/OS software stack for the zPDT systems is built two times per year, typically coinciding with the release of new versions of z/OS. The z/VM and z/VSE software stacks are updated periodically. By the way, all IBM software stacks for zPDT systems are provided via downloads from the site. DVDs aren’t available.
There is an annual $900 subscription fee for the use of the IBM software stacks for zPDT systems. This annual fee covers the z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE software stacks in any combination. One stack, two stacks or three stacks are available for a single $900 fee.
It’s easy to understand the value of the IBM Dallas ISV Center Offerings. You can plug in quickly and use their resources for the short term or long term to make sure what you have works well with new releases or use the offerings to port an existing solution to a new environment like LinuxONE. It’s a cost effective way to get these things done. 
What’s Next?
Next week, I’ll discuss IBM Z as it relates to PartnerWorld and the IBM Global Solutions Directory.  

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