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The Future of Middleware

December 2, 2013

Editor’s note: This is the sixth and last blog entry in a series.

In the previous posts in this series, I explained various aspects of middleware including its roots, change, and growth over the recent decades. In this final post in the series, I want to talk about middleware futures.

It is certain that middleware has a strong future. The complexity of general computing requires a division of duties that reduces complexity and focuses on increasing the productivity of designers and programmers. Because complexity continues to increase, the need for middleware grows. Some argue that middleware adds complexity but this is certainly not as significant as its benefits.

Continued growth is anticipated for application-infrastructure middleware particularly in the area of cloud computing as more private implementations are deployed. These new cloud deployments are likely to drive the need for more functionality with increased flexibility.

Business-process management will continue to grow and develop as this area of middleware is really just getting started. New functionality will likely improve the abilities of companies to optimize business operations and improve integration of business processes with important enterprise systems.

All aspects of mobility middleware are likely to experience accelerated growth. Mobility development and connectivity will see support for new and changing devices running Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms. Mobile management and security will likely experience breakthroughs in several areas like data management, device control and testing.

Portals supported by middleware are likely to continues to grow in a number of areas including ease of set up and use, as well as functions capable of providing an improved customer experience. Commerce products powered by middleware will continue to mature as they embrace new platforms like cloud computing and improve their functionality in B2B and B2C environments.

 Middleware has a genuine future and will continue to support new technologies that develop and need the productivity capabilities of middleware-based tools and products. Do you support middleware in your job? What future do you see for this important category of software?




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