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New Year, New RDi

January 16, 2018

Happy 2018! If you're an RDi user and you haven't yet updated to V9.6, you may want to give it a try and start off the new year with some nice new capabilities. And if you aren't an RDi user at all, what a great time to give it a try! See the footnote** for a few tips on getting started.
We wrote an EXTRA newsletter piece with a few details of some of the new goodies you'll have to play with in V9.6. You'll find significant improvements to hover text, new annotation support, a merge capability for the compare facility and some new behavior options for the enter and tab keys. Users of code coverage, ACS and iProjects will also find some great new features and options. 
Some of the new features can be hard to envision or appreciate with only a verbal description or even a static screen capture. So here's a link to a video providing a quick look at some of the features we described in EXTRA
This new version implements 12 RFEs (aka Requests for Enhancement) from the "public"—i.e., RDi users. That's on top of 30 RFEs that were implemented in the 3 V9.5.x releases. A huge thank you not just to IBM's RDi developers, but also to those 42 ordinary developers who asked for features to help us all! And an equally huge thank you to all the other developers who took the time to review the submitted RFEs and vote for the ones they found the most compelling. You are all making a difference. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, RFEs are important. They make a difference. Everyone should visit the site regularly and VOTE! You can read an earlier rant we published on this subject for more info on how to find RDi enhancements and vote for your favorites. 
As always, don't forget to make a backup copy of your workspace prior to installing the new version. Nothing specific to V9.6 there—this is a tip for any update of RDi. Remember that when you open a workspace with a new release or version, there is often a conversion process needed to allow the workspace to be used with the new software. This process isn't reversible, so just in case you were to decide you wanted or needed to go back to your previous version, you'll want to have the safety net of having a usable workspace with all your customizations, caches, etc. available to use as well. 
Also don't forget that if you don't like some of the new features and behaviors, most of them can be controlled via preferences or view menu options as we pointed out in EXTRA. Likewise if you're not seeing any of the features we described, the instructions for turning off a feature also work in reverse to turn it on! 
The only new feature we've found so far that we couldn't "turn off" was the automatic inclusion of comments in the hover text. Why would you want to? RDi assumes that any comment lines that immediately precede the current line relate to that line. In cases where 20 lines of commented-out code just happen to be situated immediately before the definition of a variable or a procedure, this could make for some weird and confusing hover text. 
That said, we love this feature. Dare we hope that it may encourage more helpful and relevant commenting on the part of RPGers?
Happy New Year and a happy new RDi to all of readers!
** New to RDi? Download the 60-day trial version from IBM and see what you think. You may want to download our "RSE Quick Start Guide" as well to help smooth the installation and getting-started phases. Apologies in advance that our Quick Start Guide has not been updated for V9.6 yet, so a few items may not work exactly as described. But we think (hope?) that it may still be a helpful resource for you.
One link in the Quick Start Guide that we noticed doesn't seem to be working at the moment is to the Technote for doing the web install process. If you change the base URL to be rather than simply, it should take you to the right place. However, it probably isn't really necessary to use that link anymore, since when we downloaded the trial for V9.6 recently, we were automatically taken to that Technote page anyway. 

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