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IBM i System Supplied Prestart Job Entries

June 29, 2018

In my last blog I gave an introduction to, and some history about, prestart jobs. This week, I’ll review the prestart job entries that ship with the system in the QSYSWRK, QUSRWRK and QSERVER subsystems. For each of the prestart job entries, I have provided a link where you can find documentation related to that PJE.
As I wrote last week, prestart jobs were initially used for SNA communications. You can still find the prestart job entries for SNA communications on your system in the QBASE or QCMN subsystem descriptions. I’m not going to cover these; if you are really interested in these older prestart jobs, you can find them documented in the IBM i 7.3 Knowledge Center here.  
Many of the prestart jobs frequently used today are for the Host Servers. Additional information about the host servers can be found in STRHOSTSVR command documentation. The Server Table in the Knowledge Center in another helpful page for documentation on the may server jobs used in IBM i.  
It was surprisingly difficult to find appropriate links to more information about some of these prestart job entries!  

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