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Client Advisory Council Meetings in June 2017

June 22, 2017

If you have wondered why you haven’t seen a new blog published recently, it’s because my day job consumed my time for the past month. I’ve written before about how I work with the Large User Group (LUG), the COMMON Americas Advisory Council (CAAC), and the COMMON Europe Advisory Council (CEAC).  All three of these groups had face-to-face meetings in June that left me with little time for other work.

The LUG met in Rochester, Minnesota the first week of June. The June meeting tends to focus on administrative topics, which was the case for this meeting. The agenda included a variety of administrative topics, but had an emphasis on security and performance. As is typical with all LUG meetings, the week consisted of many presentations from IBM, along with plenty of time for members to network. If you are interested in what a LUG meeting agenda looks like, an external version was posted to the public LUG web site. The LUG does have openings for additional member companies; you can read about the membership requirements to see if your company may be eligible for membership.

The CAAC also met in Rochester the week after LUG. IBM shared future plans on a variety of topics, but much of the meeting was focused on the CAAC’s role with the IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE) process. As I previously wrote in CAAC and RFEs, the CAAC will be reviewing RFEs that have been submitted for IBM i and will provide a client perspective and priority on the RFEs. The IBM i development team will use this input to help determine which RFEs should be prioritized in their future development plans.

The CEAC met in Brussels, Belgium after the conclusion of the COMMON Europe Congress. Similar to the CAAC meeting, IBM shared future plans on a variety to topics to the CEAC and got feedback from the CEAC on those plans.

All members of these advisory councils have a nondisclosure agreement in place between their company and IBM, which allows IBM to share confidential information about future plans. In turn, advisory council members get insight into where the platform is going in return for giving IBM feedback on those plans. The IBM i team is very client-focused and uses this feedback to solidify plans for future enhancements.  

It was a bit overwhelming to hold all these meetings in June, but the advisory councils are an important part of planning for the future.

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