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January 2016 IBM i Large User Group Meeting

January 6, 2016

The IBM i Large User Group (LUG) has its next meeting later this month. I’ve written about the LUG before. It meets three times each year in Rochester, Minnesota, and one of those meetings is in the winter. 

The upcoming January meeting will have presentations that focus on three topics:
  • Strategy. It is customary for the winter meeting to focus on strategy. IBM shares with the LUG our strategic plans for the next few years, and the LUG provides feedback to IBM on those plans. In addition, the LUG has several work groups that meet on a regular basis; these work groups are collaborative teams with participants from LUG and IBM that focus on both short-term tactical needs as well as long-term strategic requirements. Each work group provides input to the LUG’s overall strategic feedback to IBM.
  • Security. Security is a critical topic today. Not only are there many IBM i security sessions on the agenda, but a member of the IBM xForce team will be there to share with the LUG the team’s work on security research and findings.
  • Storage. A variety of IBM storage systems can be used with IBM i; the storage presentations will cover the important features and future plans for these external storage systems.

Starting with the upcoming January meeting, the LUG meeting agenda is now available for everyone to see. The LUG has a public website at, and you will find a PDF with the meeting agenda and session abstracts available from the home page. All LUG meeting dates are also available on this website on the meeting page.

Nearly all of the sessions on the LUG meeting agenda will include IBM confidential information; IBM’s sharing plans and future directions with the LUG is a key benefit of LUG membership. Of course, the public version of the agenda and abstracts has all confidential information removed—however, the public agenda will still give you a very good overview of what a LUG meeting week looks like and the types of presentations on the agenda.

There are openings for new member companies to join the LUG. Information on the membership application process can also be found on the LUG public website.

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