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PowerVP Offers New Features

August 11, 2015

When IBM released PowerVP a couple of years ago, it was designed to optimize your virtualized Power Systems servers and help you understand your current workload performance from virtual machines to physical hardware. This can help you more quickly identify overcommitted resources and resolve performance issues.
Now IBM has released a new version of PowerVP. Version 1.1.3 has several cool enhancements that will make PowerVP even more useful to you. There are four in particular I want to highlight:
  1. The PowerVP GUI is now available as a Web application
  2. An agent data store lets you view and analyze performance stats historically
  3. CPU utilization alerting so you know when a threshold has been reached
  4. You can run VIOS Performance Advisor on a schedule or on demand 
PowerVP is available for AIX and Linux on Power as well as IBM i.
Read more about these enhancements in a new article by Kent Bruinsma, “PowerVP Version 1.1.3 Provides Significant Enhancements.” In a blog and article next week, Kent and I will give you some installation tips. Stay tuned!


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