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Recent Enhancements Documented in developerWorks

September 13, 2011

A few weeks ago “iZone Shows You the Enhancements”described how IBM has been developing updates to IBM i software that gets delivered via PTFs and how those enhancements are being written about on the IBM i developerWorks website. Recently, additional topics have been added to the developerWorks site; here's a brief preview of two of those enhancements.


Search my IBM i spooled and IFS stream files with OmniFind

Have you ever wanted to search your spooled files for key words or phrases? How about searching text in IFS stream files? Do you need more than simple pattern matching in your search, such as word variations on the search terms?

In a previous i Can article, “Find a Needle in a Haystack Using OmniFind Text Search Sever for DB2,” Nick Lawrence discussed how to use the OmniFind Text Search Server for DB2 for IBM i to search text stored in a database column.

In V1R2, OmniFind adds new interfaces to support text indexing and searching IBM i spool files and IFS stream files.

The article that has been published on the developerWorks site provides more detail about how to leverage the new search support in your applications. The product is available at no additional charge and the capabilities it provides should prove very useful for many applications.


Manage Your IBM i Domino Servers using APIs

Many customers run their Domino servers on IBM i. Domino on IBM i differentiates itself from on other platforms in that you can install multiple versions of Domino on one single IBM i partition and configure multiple Domino partitions (instances) of each version of Domino, while on other platforms on each server you usually only install and configure one Domino server instance. This enables IBM i to be the natural platform for enterprises who need to deploy multiple Domino servers.

But do you know that there is a set of Domino for IBM i unique APIs which can be easily used to manage your Domino server on IBM i automatically? This set of Domino for IBM i unique APIs allows you to list all the Domino servers, retrieve information from a server, get or set Domino server's Notes.ini, and so on. By using the Domino for IBM i APIs together with some of the Domino CL commands you can easily to write some programs to manage your Domino server automatically. If you are seeking a solution for this, take a few minutes to explore this article written by Bin Yang and Shuang Hong Wang of the IBM i Domino team.





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