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Power Systems Technical University in Copenhagen

October 27, 2011

This week I've had the opportunity to attend the Power Systems Technical University in Copenhagen. The conference is held in in the Bella Center, with the conference hotel, the Bella Sky Cromwell Hotel, connected to it.

Since this is a Power Systems conference, the agenda covers Power hardware, AIX, IBM i, Linux, Systems Director, virtualization and other topics.

The keynote presentation was led off by Tom Rosamilia. Having heard Tom talk at other conferences, much of the overall message was the same; Tom talked about IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, Watson, the explosion of data and Power System's market share. There was one very interesting tidbit of information that Tom shared with the audience that I'm sure my i readers will love to hear – IBM i had a great 3rd quarter with double-digit growth. That certainly brought a smile to my face!

At the Power Systems Technical University conferences, you generally find many more attendees that are interested in AIX as opposed to IBM i, and that was also true at this conference, but there was still excellent representation from our i clients. I gave the “IBM i Today, Tomorrow and Beyond” presentation that Steve Will often does and the room was full (and it was on the agenda for a second time and that too was well attended). It's a very busy week for me with 12 presentations. When I give a technical presentation I generally ask my audience what releases they are on. It was enlightening to see that there are fewer and fewer clients on 5.4 and more on more on 6.1 and 7.1.

One final observation I have is regarding the “Power Systems” branding and how that is a very good thing. The entire audience listening to the keynote heard about IBM i's double-digit growth. During some free time when I wasn't presenting, I took the time to attend some non-i sessions. In two of those sessions (one was an IBM Systems Director session, the other “SAN 101”), the speakers talked about considerations for IBM i as well as AIX. With Power, many things are common across all operating systems and it's exciting to hear IBM i talked about in places where in the past the focus was likely only AIX.




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