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IBM TechDocs

December 18, 2013

This fall, I’ve written a few blogs on documentation and references – PowerVM, VIOS, and IBM i. I thought I’d conclude 2013 with one more blog on documentation resources - and that’s to tell you about IBM TechDocs.

If you are not familiar with IBM TechDocs, it is a very useful website with a lot of information prepared by IBMers in the form of tips and techniques. You can find presentations, FAQs, whitepapers and more. Part of the challenge in using TechDocs is the quantity of information that is available; you’ll need to search the site. However, the search facility is pretty useful, with advanced search allowing you to specify various types of information that you are looking for along with a search string.

As a simple example for this blog, I wanted to find all documents that have IBM i for the associated operating system.


The following screen capture is the first few documents that were returned in the search:


This is my last blog for 2013. I’ll be taking some time away from work to relax and reflect … and think of what I should be writing about in 2014!



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