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IBM Systems Director Navigator Can Manage 5.4 Systems

September 27, 2010

In the 7.1 release, IBM Systems Director Navigator was enhanced with what’s called Set Target System. This option is at the top of the list of available IBM i Management tasks.

Image 1

When you select Set Target System, you get the following display. It allows you to specify the system you'd like to manage and to sign on to that target system.

Image 2

A few key points when using Set Target System are:
•    You only need to have the Web infrastructure set up on the partition that you initially sign on to.  You don’t need this running on the target system that you’re connected to. 
•    Set Target System allows the target system to be at 5.4, 6.1, or 7.1. Thus, with this support, you can now manage a 5.4 partition with IBM Systems Director Navigator.  Not all functions will be available to you if you’re managing a 5.4 partition (for example, the performance tasks are only available on 6.1 or later), but many of the tasks are available on 5.4.
•    This is only available when you initially sign on to a 7.1 partition with IBM Systems Director Navigator. 

After you’ve set the target system, you’ll see the following confirmation panel that identifies the release of the target system. Once you've set a target system, you’ll see the system name displayed at the top of the window on all subsequent panels; it should be clear which system you’re managing. If you go back and change to manage the local system, the target system name will be updated to reflect the fact you are now managing the local system.

Image 3

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