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IBM Power Systems Webinars

September 19, 2013

Here’s a great resource that you may not be aware of… the IBM Power Systems technical webinar series. These webinars were started way back in 2011 and have been ongoing since. They are geared to sharing technical information related to Power, PowerVM and a virtualized power environment. 

As IBM i clients start to venture into this virtualized world, there are a lot of things to learn. These webinars are a great resource to assist with that learning process. All of the older presentations are still available, which includes the replay of the webinar and the presentation PDF.

There webinars are generally held monthly, and the upcoming ones for the rest of 2013 are published on the website.

You do need to register to participate in the webinars, but it’s a one-time registration.

So if you are starting to get interested in virtualization topics on Power, take advantage of this treasure trove of information! 

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