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i Can … Use AnyNet in 7.1?

June 7, 2010

What's up with AnyNet in 7.1?  If you have the 7.1 release, you’ll be able to see that the user interface for AnyNet hasn’t gone away. If you use it, it will probably work. We didn’t remove any of the AnyNet functionality in 7.1. To make matters even more confusing, all of the AnyNet documentation remains in the 7.1 Information Center.

IBM made a statement of direction some time ago that included the following:

“AnyNet support is also available in V5R3 through V6R1, however, IBM plans to withdraw support of AnyNet in the release following V6R1; customers currently using AnyNet should start to move to Enterprise Extender in preparation for this.”

Is AnyNet supported or not in the 7.1 release?

AnyNet isn’t supported on 7.1. The 7.1 Memo to Users has the following information:

“Starting in i 7.1, AnyNet® (a method used to run SNA communications traffic over IP) is no longer supported. Users of AnyNet are encouraged to migrate to Enterprise Extenders as a replacement. For information about migrating to Enterprise Extenders from AnyNet, see the Migrating from AnyNet to Enterprise Extender topic in the IBM i Information Center.”

If you continue to use AnyNet and have problems, you’ll be told that you should be using Enterprise Extender.

Enterprise Extender is more robust than AnyNet and has more functionality. IBM has published a document, “Enterprise Extender on i5/OS” that reviews the Enterprise Extender architecture and basic configuration, as well as how to migrate from AnyNet to EE.

There's also documentation in the Information Center on Configuring Enterprise Extender, as well as Migrating from AnyNet to Enterprise Extender. (Although these links are for the 7.1 documentation, this same documentation also exists in the 6.1 and 5.4 Information Centers).

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