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i Can … Say This is a Great Conference

May 6, 2010

It's been a busy week! The CAAC meeting, eight sessions, a two-slot Open Lab, Ask the Experts, Expo, the Power Down events …. I'm almost done! My last two sessions are at the end of the day today. I will admit, though, that the cold of the hotel is taking its toll on me – I didn't realize I should have brought my Minnesota cool-weather clothes to Florida! I do have a bit of free time today, so I am going to get outside and warm up a bit – in fact, this blog was written out by the pool.

This week has been a great week! Being more involved with the conference – being on the SET, speakingand having attended the past several conferences – has allowed me to get to know more and more people. It has been wonderful to reconnect with old acquaintances and meet new ones. I appreciate the feedback and comments on my sessions, as I'm always striving to improve the content – there are always new ideas, suggestions and creative questions.

Throughout the conference, I've also received input and had discussions on various aspects of the i operating system. You can be assured that I'll be taking that information back to the development lab for discussion and consideration as we work on our future features and enhancements.

I've heard good feedback on the overall content of the conference. There were a lot of sessions that were very well attended with packed rooms – sessions on the latest and greatest enhancements, along with sessions on the fundamentals that are important for everyone to know. And just a reminder: most of the handouts are on the COMMON website, so even after the conference is over, you can continue to learn by reviewing the handouts from sessions that you were unable to attend.

Last night's Power Down event was fun! Larry Bolhuis caught up with me in the hallway yesterday, and I could tell by his demeanor that he was going to ask me to do something. When he asked if I would be the IBM participant for the Jeopardy event, I couldn't say no. I will admit that at first I was a bit nervous about it – after all, I didn't want to look like a dumb blonde by getting too many answers wrong! But once the game got started, I knew it would be great fun! Congrats to Randy for the win!

Tonight's Power Down main event will be a good conclusion to the conference. I won't dress up in '60s garb, but I do plan to enjoy the event. As the conference draws to a conclusion, it does cause me to think there is something special with COMMON and the IBM i community that isn't found elsewhere in the industry.

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