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i Can … Question the Answer?

May 5, 2010

Tuesday was another busy day. While I only had one presentation to give, I did have an open lab session, attended the IBM i Q&A, and worked in the Expo again.

I like the new organization for the open labs this year. In the past, each lab topic had dedicated time in a lab room. With the smaller number of conference rooms this year, rather than reduce the lab content, the labs were compressed into multiple lab sessions in the lab room at one time. This allowed COMMON to offer a good number of open labs in limited space. I thought this worked well.

The IBM i Q&A session was well attended and the questions were good. I'm sure Steve will write more about it, but there are a couple of observations I'd like to make. First, I particularly liked how a couple of people used the opportunity to give feedback on what they like, as well as their concerns. It's good to hear about what’s going well in addition to areas where improvements are needed. Second, Dave Nelson, Director of IBM i Development, took the opportunity to ask himself a question (it was a bit humorous!) about IBM's commitment and investment in IBM i. Dave is a tremendous advocate of i and is committed to sharing information with our users about IBM's commitment to i, as well as i's value to IBM.

One other topic came out of the IBM i Q&A regarding how IBM should communicate information to our customers. While we have our support site and the Information Center, often there are small pieces of communications that must be shared with our users. It was great to hear that the “You and i” and “i Can” blogs are well-received and are a good place to provide updates.

Today will be another busy day with a lot of sessions to chose from. I “only” have two presentations, but I have arranged a meeting with a client, and of course, the social event tonight. Speaking of which ...

Be sure to come to Fun and Games night tonight!

There's going to be a great COMMON Jeopardy event at the Fun and Games night. Nine contestants will compete in the classic Jeopardy game on topics that cover COMMON, speakers, IBMers, AS/400-iSeries-System i and Power Systems, as well as general computer topics. With more than 150 questions in 27 topic areas, there are sure to be questions for everyone to enjoy! It's not to be missed!

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