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i Can … Plan My Week at COMMON

May 3, 2010

During this week at the COMMON conference, I'm going to take a break from my usual technical updates and write about my experiences at the conference. Also, I plan to provide a blog update each day during the conference, so check back daily for the latest news.

I'm really looking forward to this week at COMMON. We have a lot of great new functions with our 7.1 release that you’ll be able to learn about. The agenda also includes sessions on many important features IBM i provides. There's also the opportunity to learn about things beyond the i – as  COMMON has broadened its conference sessions to include many things you may want to learn about for best utilizing IBM Power Systems software and hardware. And of course, today's Opening Session is not to be missed!

This COMMON experience is a new one for me. During the past several months, I've had the opportunity to be part of COMMON's Strategic Education Team (SET). There are three of us from IBM that participate on the SET, and I became the lead IBMer on this team this year. It gave me a chance to see how the COMMON conference comes together, and the ability to guide and influence the agenda content, along with ensuring we have great IBM speakers attend the conference. I hope you find the learning opportunities to meet your needs.

I’ll be working in the IBM booth during the expo sessions. I'll be at the Systems Management pedestal, demonstrating the capabilities of IBM Systems Director, IBM Systems Director Navigator, and the Performance Data Investigator. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself, and see our latest systems-management solutions.  Also be sure to check out all of the other pedestals in the IBM booth to see our latest and greatest hardware and software offerings. I'll also be at “Ask the Experts” on Monday evening, at the performance table.  And you can find all of my sessions in the online session guide; my focus at this conference is talking about the IBM i performance tools, which have been a major focus of my job at IBM for the past several years.

I also want to mention Steve Will's sessions at this conference; Steve will be presenting the IBM i 7.1 Overview, which provides a broad review of the major new content in our new release. Steve also has a great presentation on “Why i.”  If you’re a loyal i user, you may not need the information Steve covers in this session, but this presentation may be something you want to take back to your company to share with others that perhaps aren't as familiar with the value that IBM i provides. 

The IBM i Q&A session on Tuesday is one we want to encourage you to attend and ask your questions or provide constructive input.

Over the weekend before the start of the conference, I attended the COMMON America's Advisory Council (CAAC) meeting. The CAAC represents COMMON in working with IBM to understand our product plans and providing input and guidance for decisions we make. I won't write much about the meeting, as I expect Steve will cover it, but I'm impressed with the interaction and positive influence that comes out of this relationship.

One thing I want to mention is COMMON members can submit requirements to IBM through the COMMON website:  Members only → Requirements.  There is also a requirements booth across from the registration center where you can submit your requirements. There’s a session on Wednesday—COMMON Americas Advisory Council Requirements Update—that will give feedback on requirements submitted to IBM from COMMON members.  I'm an IBM “catcher” of many requirements and encourage the use of this process.

Finally, I was able to attend the IBM Systems Magazine's appreciation party on Sunday evening.  It was a great fun catching up with people I hadn't seen since last year, and meeting others.

This week is going to be very busy, but I think it's going to be a great conference!

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