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i Can … Benefit from IBM Systems Lab Services and Training

August 30, 2010

I recently changed jobs within the IBM i organization. I’d been in the IBM i development organization and was involved with making the decisions on what functions and features in which we chose to invest our development dollars, understanding customer requirements, and ensuring we address the most important requirements. I’d been in the development lab since 1986, doing everything from low-level LIC development, to operating-system development, through the planning and strategy work. I truly loved what I did.

However, over the past three years, I started getting more involved with face-to-face client work. I started speaking at COMMON. I presented to customers who came into the IBM Briefing Center. I owned many requirements from our various advisory groups and interacted with our customers on understanding those requirements. I discovered as much as I loved my development job, I liked the face-to-face client work even more.

Recently I moved from the IBM i development organization to the Lab Services organization, where I'm working on performance and scalability services for our customers. This is a great opportunity and I'm excited about the change.  As you can tell, some of the things I've been doing I’ll continue to do; I'll maintain close ties to the development organization, I'll continue writing this blog, and I'll continue to speak at COMMON and other conferences.

Since I’m now in the Lab Services and Training organization, I thought it would be good to write a bit about it. The Power IBM i Lab Services team maintains a close relationship with the IBM i development organization and has many deep technical skills to help you solve your IT challenges, as well as provide guidance and consulting to enable you to make informed decisions relative to your IT plans and strategy. System Services for Power Systems has many offerings you can use. Whether you need assistance in moving to the latest technologies, have requirements for application modernization, need customized solutions, or assistance in performance tuning, Lab Services has offerings for just about any need. It's easy to contact an opportunity manager within the Lab Services team to get started.

The team I'm on is a new team within Lab Services and we’re providing the performance and scalability services. Perhaps you may have thought of this as “benchmarking” in the past, but what we have to offer goes far beyond benchmarking. We have a test facility located at the IBM Rochester, Minn. site where we can provide the necessary hardware environment to perform the testing you require.  In addition to assessing performance improvements due to hardware or software upgrades, we're offering proof-of-concept assessments for things such as SSDs and other technologies, and we'll also provide the capability to test out functional changes, such as HA options and tests, release upgrades and more. We have a contact form available where you can contact us to get more information.

Keep in mind with purchases of high-end systems (595, 780, or 795), you get PowerCare services that provide you with technical leadership and consulting at no additional charge. In addition, with IBM i and select Power Systems servers, you can also get education and services vouchers that are included at no additional charge.
Perhaps this blog article reads a little more like marketing material than my usual technical blogs, but I'm excited about the move to IBM Lab Services and Training and the services available to you.

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