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i Can … Analyze Command Performance

January 25, 2010

There's a new command, Analyze Command Performance (ANZCMDPFR), in IBM i 6.1 that, well, analyzes the performance of a command. This is a very simple utility that will report the wall-clock time spent on the specified command and give you other performance-related information. This command was a little utility that we've had internally for our development team's use for quite some time that we thought would be useful to our user community.

ANZCMDPFR is very simple to use. Simply put the command string you want to analyze on the Command (CMD) parameter and run the command. You can get the results in a message in the job's job log, or you can have them written to a member in a database file. You can also use a database source file that contains a list of commands that you want to have the performance analyzed – which allows you to analyze the performance of a set of commands.

If you chose to have the results in a message, you’ll see CPCC711 – “ANZCMDPFR command completed successfully” – sent to the job's job log. You need to take help on this message, and you’ll see the performance details in the additional message information. You’ll find the elapsed time, the CPU time used, synchronous database and non-database reads and writes, and asynchronous database and non-database reads and writes. 

If you analyze the performance of multiple commands, the performance summary in the message is the total resources used for all the commands in the file.



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