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May 16, 2012

I'm a bit short on time this week since I'm recovering from the busy week at COMMON, so this blog is also short.

I wanted to share with you a few new blogs and videos that are available to you.

IBM has created new videos on IBM i that are out on YouTube:

There are also some relatively new bloggers out there that you should know about:

  • Mike Cain, a well-known expert on DB2 on i has a blog on …. db2 for i, which offers insight and perspectives on data management using IBM i.
  • Erwin Earley has a blog, Power Implementers Blog, for hints and tips various technologies on IBM Power Systems. Many of the blog posts deal with using IBM Systems Director with Power Systems.

There are also some new and updated Redbooks that are available:

Finally, the IBM i developerWorks site while not new, is a great resource for the latest IBM i information. Be sure to check out the Community & forums link on that developerWorks site for links to all sorts of additional blogs, forums, wikis and more.


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