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Open Source Tools and Languages for z/OS

September 20, 2016

The application development landscape on the mainframe -- which for me is really z/OS -- continues to evolve. Now businesses that are moving to cloud and mobile applications use not only Java, but also Perl, PHP, Python, R and TCL. These open source languages are very powerful because they can facilitate certain types of processing through a minimal amount of coding.

If your enterprise relies on open source programming, you should know that
Rocket Software has ported a number of open source languages and is making them available for download. Register here and you'll be emailed a link to Rocket's product portal, which consists of these software development languages and development tools and utilities:

    Bash        4.2.53
    Bison        2.3
    bzip2        1.0.6
    cURL        7.42.1
    CVS        1.11.23
    Diffutils    3.3
    Findutils    4.4.2
    Groff        1.20.1
    Gzip        1.6
    Libssh2    1.4.3
    M4        1.4.15
    Make        4.0
    Midnight Commander 4.6.1
    Mktemp    1.7
    NEdit        5.5
    OpenSSL    1.0.2h
    PHP        5.4.4
    Pkg-Config    0.28
    Python    2.7.6
    R        3.3.1
    Sed        4.2.2
    sudo        1.8.6p3
    TCL        8.5.11
    Unzip        6.0
    Webalizer    2.23.08
    Zip        3.0
    Zlib        1.2.8

According to the Rocket Open Source Installation Guide, technical support is available free of charge at the Rocket Software Forum. If you don't find an answer there, feel free to post yourself. In addition to the community of other users, Rocket engineering staff member check the forum daily to and respond to questions.

Who would have ever thought you could download free software and get free support for software running on the mainframe? I’m really excited to see what Rocket Software is doing.

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