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DB2 12 Continuous Delivery Model Webinar

September 6, 2016

Software development on z/OS has traditionally adhered to tried and true practices to ensure that poorly constructed application code does not make it into production. In many shops we call these change control people the “gatekeepers.” Nothing gets past these individuals. Developers must rigorously test their code before an application or update goes live. Beyond that, fallback procedures must be devised in case there's a problem once the code is moved into production. On top of that, changes to production systems are subject to a strict schedule to ensure that no critical business event are interrupted.

The common denominator in all this is time. It takes time to rewrite code and update software. And as anyone who's ever participated in a DB2 migration project knows, it takes time to move from one DB2 version to the next. It typically takes about a year to go through the processes of testing, development and quality assurance and move the new release into production, and this doesn't even take into account IBM's DB2 production cycle. (The company has been rolling out new DB2 releases approximately every three years.)

But in today's world of continuous availability, customers can no longer afford to wait years to get new features into production. So vendors are coming up with different strategies to address this problem using Agile techniques to get code to customers to be available in production at a much faster pace.

IBM is hosting a 90-minute webinar on Sept. 27 to address these concerns and share new implementation strategies the company itself will use to deliver DB2 features going forward.

Big changes are ahead. I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this event. Register here.

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