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Become a Part of Generation z

September 13, 2016

In my job with IBM, I spend a lot of time at customer sites. During these visits, I’m seeing an increasing number of young IT professionals who are just starting their careers on z/OS.

Yes, the stodgy old mainframe is experiencing a youth movement, and it's been going on for awhile now. This is the inspiration for Generation z:

Generation z was founded in 2013 by like-minded mainframe enthusiasts who wanted to create a community where they can share their passion for the mainframe and technology as a whole. For the next generation of mainframers, the community is driven to create opportunities to meet and chat to other professionals who are newer to the mainframe, see some awesome fresh content, and get involved with discussions on z Systems.

This community also provides free workshops for those with fewer than five years' experience working on the mainframe. These events are designed to inform z/OS pros about potential career paths and provide networking opportunities.

If you're new to the mainframe, or if you're interested in mentoring someone who is, I encourage you to register at Generation z.

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