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DB2 12 for z/OS Manuals Available

November 22, 2016

Long-time readers of DB2utor know that I prefer using the DB2 manuals in PDF form as opposed to the electronic versions available from the IBM Knowledge Center. After hearing rumors that IBM would no longer make documents available in PDF, I was very pleased to find the DB2 12 for z/OS manuals available in PDF form. Download them here.

While I was downloading the new manuals, I noticed that all the DB2 11 and 10 manuals have been refreshed with an October 2016 date.

Having not been on this support site recently. I must say I like the new layout. The top section has tabs that allow searches on specific DB2 versions. The next section is a list of links to different types of product documentation, including  PDF files. The other links are:
  • IBM Knowledge Center
  • New! Continuous Delivery in DB2 for 12
  • Are you new to DB2 for z/OS?
  • Where to find the PDF books
  • Program Directories
  • Additional information resources
  • Send Feedback
Now that the DB2 12 for z/OS manuals are available, I’m looking forward to learning the details of the new innovative enhancements.

Have you worked with DB2 12 yet? If you have, please comment about your favorite new features.

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