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A Goodbye, and Many Thanks

May 29, 2018

After 28 years of working with IBM Db2 for z, and almost 11 years writing the DB2utor blog for IBM Systems Magazine, I’m saying goodbye.
I’ve learned so much from Db2 subject matter experts such as Willy Favero, Martin Hubel, Richard Yevich, Sheryl Larsen, Susan Lawson, Dan Luksetich, Robert Catterall, Roger Miller and many others. I’ve also enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences with the Db2 community through speaking at Db2 regional user group meetings and the IDUG and SHARE conferences, and of course, by writing about Db2 in Db2utor.
Early in my career I could have never imagined doing these things. I looked at all the experts with their vast knowledge of Db2 and didn't see how I could possibly contribute. It took me some time to recognize that there's so much to say about Db2 technology that no one person could possibly know it all. Everyone has unique skills and experiences, and the Db2 community benefits from all who volunteer their time and share their knowledge.
While the majority of my career has been spent outside of IBM, I've enjoyed my time here. As a Db2 adviser, I've worked both in the lab with other Db2 experts and in the field with customers. I was a member of the team that developed the Db2 12 Technical Workshop. I was honored to be the first to present this workshop to customers, and it was my privilege to work with this group.
A little over a year ago I began working with data replication software--specifically, IBM InfoSphere Data Replication for Db2 and IBM Classic CDC for IMS (IIDR). Many customers are using these products to replicate IMS and Db2 data to Apache Hadoop to create what's now called a data lake.
After being involved with some customer projects around big data, I realize that this is the next step for me. I’ve decided to leave IBM (my last day was May 18) and join Informatica as a consultant on big data management. I'll help customers install, configure and get the most from their big data solutions.
Thank to you for reading, and thanks to all those who've provided support and friendship over the years.

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