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Using Installation SYSOPR Authority

March 21, 2017

These days, most enterprises limit access to sensitive data to only those users who need to see this information to do their jobs. In the meantime, security features have evolved over the past few DB2 releases.

For years, many DB2 systems programmers as well as database administrators have relied upon "super user" privileges such as SYSADM to do the critical work of installing and configuring DB2 and creating databases, tables and other DB2 objects. Recent releases of DB2 provide more granularity as far as who can administer the database and those who can access the data. The latest innovation comes with DB2 12, which now allows the DB2 installer to use installation SYSOPR in place of installation SYSADM authority.

The installation SYSOPR authority provides all of the privileges that are required for installing or migrating DB2. For example, you can access catalog and directory objects, create, drop or alter system objects, execute the -ACTIVATE command, specify the owner for the BIND and REBIND commands, and run the CATMAINT utility. However, this authority does not allow any access to non-system objects or user data in the subsystem.

See the IBM Knowledge Center to learn more about the installation SYSOPER authority.

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