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DB2 12 Enhancements to System Profiles

March 7, 2017

DB2 11 introduced a powerful feature that provides monitoring capabilities using DB2 profile tables. With these tables, you can monitor the use of system resources by distributed applications as well as set special registers values for the remote application without having to change application code.

These capabilities are further enhanced in DB2 12. In DB2 11, once the profiles are defined in the DB2 profile tables, they must be activated using the START PROFILE command. And if you want to disable all system monitor profiles, the STOP PROFILE command must be issued. But DB2 12 offers the capability to have DB2 start profile monitoring automatically when DB2 is started.

Other enhancements are:

System profile monitoring messages have also been improved in DB2 12. Now there's information to identify the logical unit of work (LUW) that causes an exception. Message DSNT773I now includes LUWID for WARNING. A new message, DSNT774I, includes LUWID for EXCEPTION.

It's all designed to help DBAs  manage remote application behavior. I hope you're taking advantage of these powerful capabilities.

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