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Db2: A Small but Significant Change

July 11, 2017

If you scan IBM websites, or you're on Twitter looking for news about Db2, or you're following those who have a hand in its direction, you may have noticed something: DB2 is now Db2. The b is lower-case.

If you're wondering what this is all about, check out this recent DB2Night Show podcast.

The new name will be rolled out online over the coming weeks. Product names will change as well, though internal code will remain upper-case DB2 to avoid impacting applications that rely on this information.  

Some product names that have already changed include the mainstays of the Db2 family. The product previously known as DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows (LUW) is now simply Db2. The identification of platform remains for Db2 for z/OS and Db2 for i.

Also, the announcement of Db2 brings some name changes for on-premises or private cloud and public cloud products:

On-premises or Private Cloud  Renamed To
DB2 for LUW     Db2
dashDB local                     Db2 Warehouse Private
Public Cloud Renamed To
DB2 on Cloud    Db2 Hosted
dashDB for Tx Db2 on Cloud
dashDB for Analytics Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

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