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How Customers are Benefiting from DB2 Accelerator Tables

December 6, 2016

Following up on my recent posts on the latest version of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (DB2 Accelerator) as well as the new Accelerator cloud-centric solution, I wanted to step back a bit and discuss an IBM Redbook.

"Accelerating Data Transformation with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS" was released about a year ago. The document examines four ways that customers are taking advantage of DB2 Accelerator, with a focus on the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS:

    * Accelerating business-critical queries.
    * Reducing IT-sprawl for analytics.
    * Deriving business insight from z/OS transaction systems.
    * Improving access to historical data while lowering storage costs.

The latest release of the loader, version 2.1, came out in early 2016. It allows non-DB2 data -- including data from IMS, VSAM and Oracle databases, along with sequential files -- to be loaded directly into DB2 Accelerator tables without the need to setup complex extraction, transformation and loading jobs.

These benefits are listed in the announcement letter:
  • Minimize application impact by loading in parallel into DB2 for z/OS and DB2 Accelerator.
  • Easy SQL interface to identify data to be loaded into DB2 Accelerator, including the ability to join and load data from multiple sources to a single Accelerator Only Table (AOT).
  • The ability to create the AOT if it does not exist.
  • The ability to append data using LOAD RESUME.
  • The load process is zIIP eligible to reduce CPU usage on general processor.
  • Support for IBM Change Data Capture (CDC) replication when loading to both a DB2 table and an Accelerator table.
The newest DB2 Accelerator features -- such as the capability to load historical data stored on tape into an AOT -- brings additional value to the loader. I've been around along enough that I once held a job where I had to pull data from tapes just to generate a report. As you can imagine, that was a slow and error-prone process. Companies still store data on tape.  So having the capability of storing this data in accelerator only tables provides tremendous convenience and cost savings. If you're at all interested in DB2 Accelerator, don't forget about the loader.

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