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Continuous Delivery the Subject of New Redbook

April 10, 2018

IBM recently released a new Redbook covering the topic of continuous delivery.

"Exploring IBM Db2 for z/OS Continuous Delivery" has four chapters:
Chapter 1. Continuous delivery for Db2 12 for z/OS
Chapter 2. Changes in Db2 12 affecting applications and more
Chapter 3. Db2 12 documentation: Information in a new way
Chapter 4. Final thoughts on continuous delivery

The doc covers these key points:
  • Db2 12 enables the continuous delivery of new function in the service stream, alongside of preventive and prescriptive maintenance.
  • Enabling new function is controlled by use of:
    • The CATMAINTutility
    • The -ACTIVATEcommand
    • The APPLCOMPAT BIND option
  • APPLCOMPAT is extended in Db2 12 to apply to DDL and DCL.
  • The IBM Data Server Driver Packages (such as, ODBC, JDBC, .Net, PHP, RUBY, and ?SAP) can be controlled with APPLCOMPAT and the clientApplCompat configuration keyword.
  • Customers should use collections and DSNTIJLC to ensure that applications using the ?IBM Data Server Drivers remain stable for all function levels. ?
  • The SYSIBM.SYSLEVELUPDATES table contains history regarding when system changes occurred.
  • Documentation is changing to help highlight new functions. ?
  • The Db2 development team is working with ISVs to improve communication, to provide early notification of changes, and to give access to PTFs prior to general availability.??
Db2 12 development has adopted continuous delivery, which, combined with Agile development, is designed to help customers safely and efficiently integrate new software function.

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