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LPM Copy Time Stats

September 11, 2018

Newsflash: I'm not the only person out there writing about AIX and related topics. I also understand that this is a good thing, for all of us. I know l like reading about this stuff as much as I like writing about it.
With that in mind, I recently discovered Stephen Diwell's blog. Stephen is an IBM Champion who discusses AIX performance, the VIO server, the HMC, PowerHA and much more.
He doesn't post often, but there's lots of useful technical content, including this on Live Partition Mobility (LPM) copy time stats:

VIO Servers have the statistics on LPM copy times and the amount of data copied. This is stored in an alog file that only root can read, given that padmin (or like users) do not have access to alog command.

Login to your VIO Server.

You need to be root:

Read the LPM alog file:
alog -of /home/ios/logs/LPM/lpm.log | more

Example Output:
[0 12779544 04/22/18-19:44:50 migmover.c 1.92 1575] Final migration statistics:
[0 12779544 04/22/18-19:44:50 migmover.c 1.92 1620] Overall time of migration: 3 minutes 43 seconds
[0 12779544 04/22/18-19:44:50 migmover.c 1.92 1641] Amount of data received: 161695465991 bytes
[0 12779544 04/22/18-19:44:50 migmover.c 1.92 1645] Effective network throughput: 725091775 bytes/s

Short. Sweet. Useful.

Here are some of his other posts:
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Take the time to read them all.
Are there other AIX resources you recommend?

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