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New Stencils Available for POWER9 Systems

October 9, 2018

Hopefully you saw the news on Twitter, via Alan Fulton and Nicollette McFadden, among others.

Visio stencils are now available for selected IBM Power Systems POWER9 models, including the AC922 and S914.

For anyone who uses Visio, this is welcome news. Having the proper stencils makes it much easier to create diagrams and documentation. The stencils can be downloaded from here.

When you extract and open them in Visio, you'll find 115 stencils. At the top of this link you can the most recent updates:

      IBM-Racks.vss - Added 7042-CR7, 7042-CR8, 7042-CR9 and 7063-CR1 HMC front and rear views
      IBM-SAN.vss - Added 2145-SV1 SVC front and rear views
      IBM-Server-Power.vss - Added Power S821LC, S822LC (4 models), AC922 and S914 Tower front and rear views
      IBM-Storage-Tape.vss - Added TS4300 Base and Expansion Library front and rear views and LTO drives
Stencil File updates includes the renaming of many stencil files to remove "System" from the file name (Disk, Tape and Network).

In addition, archives can be found here:

   IBM-Server-Power.vss - Added Power E850C, E870C and E880C front and rear views

   IBM-Server-Power.vss - Added Power S914, H922, L922, S922, H924, S924, E950, E980 and EMX0 PCIe Gen3 Exp. front and rear views
   IBM-Server-Power-Classic.vss - *New File* - Moved all Power 5xx Server (Power6) shapes to this new file

Do you document you systems in Visio? Many in my circle do, and for these folks, it's been a lengthy wait since the previous update. Everyone I've talked to is very happy about this development.


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