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Power Systems Best Practices Doc: The Latest

July 23, 2019

The Power Systems Best Practices document was recently updated. This is the presentation that IBMer Fredrik Lundholm maintains.
In his email notification, Fredrik requested reader feedback:

I would really like some comments and feedback on VIOS rules, and if we can automate a few more parameters.

I changed into a new presentation format, I hope you like it and please forward any feedback as usual.

Dated June 19, this is version 2.1. As I've not written about this for a couple of years, here's a summary of all the changes from the current and previous updates:
  • Changes for 2.1:New Layout, POWER9 Enterprise, VIOS, AIX recommendation VIOS rules, recommended network and SAN adapters, cleaned out obsolete content.
  • Changes for 1.20: Rootvg failure monitoring in PowerHA 7.2, Default Processor mode.
  • Changes for 1.19: 2018 April Update, POWER9 enablement, Spectrum Scale 4.2 certified with Oracle RAC 12c.
  • Changes for 1.18: 2017 September Update, new AIX default multipathing for SVC.
  • Changes for 1.17: 2017 Update, VIOS 2.2.5, poll_uplinkclarification (edit).
This disclaimer is from Fredrik's introduction:

While this presentation lists the expected best practices, all customer engagements are unique. It is acceptable to adapt and make implementation deviations after a mandatory review with the responsible architect (not only engaging the customer) and properly documenting these.

Administrators should appreciate this message. Best practices are of course valuable, but rigidly adhering to standards 100 percent of the time won't cut it.
Fredrik does a great service, and, as I've noted, he has a following. But if you're not already familiar with this document, take the time to review it. Odds are you'll learn something.

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