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Susan Gantner

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Susan is an IBM Systems Magazine, Business Systems edition technical editor. Her career has spanned more than 30 years in the field of application development. She began as a programmer developing applications for corporations in Atlanta, Ga., working with a variety of hardware and software platforms. She joined IBM in 1985 and quickly developed a close association with the Rochester, Minn., laboratory during the development of the AS/400 system.


Susan worked in Rochester for five years in the AS/400 Technical Support Center. She later moved to the IBM Toronto Software Laboratory to provide technical support for programming languages and AD tools on the AS/400.

Susan left IBM in 1999 to devote more time to teaching and consulting. She is the co-owner of Partner400 ( and a partner in System i Developer ( Her primary emphasis is on enabling customers to take advantage of the latest programming and database technologies on OS/400, i5/OS and now IBM i.

Susan is a regular speaker at COMMON and other technical conferences around the world and holds a number of Speaker Excellence medals. She was named an IBM Power Systems Champion ( in October 2011. 

Susan can be reached via or

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