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Calline Sanchez

Calline Sanchez

Vice President, IBM Systems Storage Program Management

The rapid expansion of data-intensive computing technologies has coincided with a growth in data. Calline Sanchez is charged with driving IBM Enterprise Storage in the technology forefront. As VP of IBM Enterprise, she leads Enterprise Storage technology delivering the next-generation Flash-optimized Enterprise Storage Systems, data protection and retention offerings, and software-defined solutions. She oversees the progression of these technologies to ensure they’re fully integrated into IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy. Sanchez’ duties span development, manufacturing, distribution and sales. She started the storage strategic direction in the China Technology Lab and initiated a Wall Street taskforce to enable opportunities for storage.

Calline began her career at IBM in Markov Chain Statistical Tools. In 2008, worked as an assignment at IBM Headquarters in Armonk, New York, where she served under Nicholas M. Donofrio, IBM Fellow, Executive Vice President Innovation and Technology. In this role, visited more than 30 countries, engaging in innovation, government, corporate citizenship, research and education projects. Prior to IBM, Calline worked at Sandia National Laboratories on various U.S. Department of Energy projects.

Calline is an active member of WITI, SHPE and NSHMBA organizations; involved in community outreach supporting K-12 programs, La Familia Technology and EXITE camp for young women; and is a member of the board of advisors for the University of Arizona’s Management Information Systems Department. Calline received an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in Enterprise Storage and recently, a professional honor from HENAAC.

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