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Aaron Bartell


Aaron Bartell is Director of IBM i Innovation for Krengel Technology, Inc. Aaron facilitates adoption of open source technologies on IBM i through professional services, staff training, speaking engagements, and the authoring of best practices within industry publications and

With a strong background in RPG application development, Aaron covers topics which enable IBM i shops to embrace today’s leading technologies including Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Git for RPG source change management and RSpec for unit testing RPG. Aaron is a passionate advocate of vibrant technology communities and the corresponding benefits available for today’s modern application developers. Connect with Aaron via email at

Aaron lives with his wife and five children in Southern Minnesota. He enjoys the vast amounts of laughter having a young family brings, along with camping and music. He believes there's no greater purpose than to give of our life and time to help others.

Aaron was named an IBM Power Systems Champion ( in May 2012. 

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