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Making the Net More Inclusive

Web Exclusive | IBM hopes to help disabled and illiterate users surf the Web

April 2010

Deploying the OpenUP Open-Source Process, Part 3

E-Newsletter | OpenUP can be used out of the box, but there’s also great power in customizing it and describing the specific practices your team needs to perform to be successful. Eventually, you can use EPF Composer to incorporate practices that have worked well with other teams, and you can share your best practices with others.

November 2007

Deploying the OpenUP Open-Source Process

Developer | OpenUP’s benefits can be achieved when the team is tightly integrated, self-organizing and highly communicative. A critical part of this is the Agile part of the process: everyone must be an integrated part of the team.

October 2007

OpenUP/Basic: Open Source, Agile and Unified

Developer | The open-source OpenUP/Basic software development process is a Unified process that makes use of proven Agile practices.

August 2007

An Open Source Agile and Unified Software Development Process

E-Newsletter | This article introduces the open-source OpenUP/Basic software development process and the EPF Composer tool.

May 2007

Open Source; Apache, Linux and IBM

E-Newsletter | Open source products, applications and software have fundamentally changed the way the Internet infrastructure functions and operates.

November 2006

Opening Up: Shedding Light on the Open Source Revolution

E-Newsletter | IBM is committed to openness.

May 2006

Coming Together for Linux

E-Newsletter | An interview with Open Source Development Labs CEO Stuart Cohen.

January 2006



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