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Helping Power Systems Clients Ensure System Availability


System availability: it’s important. Businesses want to maximize availability and minimize the amount of downtime they experience. Luckily, PowerHA is designed to provide near-continuous application availability through both planned and unplanned outages. PowerHA version 7 is dedicated to keeping mission-critical operations on line 24-7-365 with simplicity, security and the highest levels of automation. Today’s new enhancements to PowerHA enable simpler management and smarter troubleshooting of HA clusters, as well as more streamlined OS updates. These enhancements are all designed to help you ensure the availability of your most critical systems.

With each release, PowerHA becomes more powerful, more robust and easier to use. The V7.2.2 enhancements feature a GUI/dashboard that enables you to monitor and manage your cluster, or collection of clusters, from a single screen. Not only can you monitor the health of your clusters with a single glance, but you can also manage your cluster from the same UI. You can perform typical operations like starting and stopping clusters, moving RGs, creating new clusters and defining workloads. There are wizards for cluster creation and resource groups, as well as smart assists for easy HA setup and management for well-known middleware products such as Db2, SAP and Oracle. You can also support multiple tenancy by setting up cluster zones and defining user access authority.

PowerHA focuses on providing superior economic value, greater automation and more advanced, robust clustering technology. PowerHA V7.2 integrates Power Enterprise Pools and Elastic CoD as part of failover operations, enabling the automated movement of processor, memory and software entitlements between partitions in the cluster. You can push or retrieve updates to all of your cluster nodes with a single command. We also enhanced cluster integrity with failing node quarantine policies that ensure a failing node is isolated prior to a failover—eliminating the possibility of a partitioned cluster caused by the sick node returning during the process. The new log analytics tool in PowerHA V7.2.2 can sort through your AIX error logs, your PowerHA logs, and syslog to do diagnostic analysis, provide reports, and make recommendations for corrective action. For more information about what’s new in PowerHA, head to the landing page.

Pools. AIX Live Update applies AIX operating system updates (ifix, Service Pack or Technology Level) without requiring a reboot. Typically, Live Update requires temporary CPU and memory resources equal to the LPAR being updated on the same frame at the time the Live Update is performed. Beginning with AIX 7.2 TL2, if the frame is part of a Power Enterprise Pool, Live Update will automatically leverage the pool to activate unlicensed cores or memory on the frame as needed for the Live Update. This is a temporary use for the duration of the Live Update and the resources will be returned to the pool when the operation is completed. The process is completely In addition to the PowerHA V7.2.2 enhancements, we’re also introducing AIX Live Update with Power Enterprise automated.

Ensuring continuous availability for the applications that run your business doesn’t have to be hard. The enhancements that we’re introducing today simplify the setup and management of your high availability environment, enabling any business to realize the benefits of enterprise-class availability. Stay tuned for further enhancements that extend these capabilities to more use cases and environments.

Steve Finnes is the System i Business Continuity product manager with IBM. Steve can be reached at

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AIX > Trends > IBM Announcements

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