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How-to Install IBM Systems Director V6.3

In the past month, I’ve installed IBM Systems Director version 6.3 twice and thought I’d share some of what I learned. Systems Director V6.3 is very different from previous versions: It’s far simpler to install but the key challenge is finding clear, step-by-step documentation on what to do.

After searching IBM Redbooks and reading the relevant READMEs, I finally used notes I had taken from watching Nigel Griffith’s videos and from the lab at Power Systems Technical University. Here are the steps I followed:

1. On the server, I mounted the DVD and then copied all of its contents to a directory called /software/basedvd. I added Java6 to the front of the PATH as Systems Director expects Java6, and I had Java5 in the PATH:

export PATH=/usr/java6/jre/bin:/usr/java6/bin:$PATH

2. The next step involved ensuring there was sufficient free space in the directories used for the installation because/opt needs to have at least 4 GB free and /tmp, /home, /usr and /var also need plenty of free space. Two of my installation attempts failed before I got this correct.

3. Then it’s time to install Systems Director as follows:

cd /software/sysdir63/basedvd/server

4. When it completes, you’ll need to configure the Agent Manager as well:

cd /opt/ibm/director/bin/

5. It will prompt you for a userid as well as passwords for the resource manager and for agent registration. Remember what you use here.

6. If director isn’t running, then start it as follows:

/opt/ibm/director/bin/smstatus -r   allows you to view the status until it says it’s active.

Jaqui Lynch is an independent consultant, focusing on enterprise architecture, performance and delivery on Power Systems with AIX and Linux.



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