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Using the Internet of Things in Facilities Management

QR codes

In mission critical facilities, the collection and dissemination of facility-related information to the maintenance team can be complicated. Organizations have taken several measures to simplify the process and make accessing documents easier for maintenance personnel. However, these methods are either expensive or difficult to deploy.

It’s always essential to strike a balance between innovation and support for legacy products to realize success in a dynamic business environment. In order to meet this challenge, organizations have found ‘object hyperlinking’ in the form of Quick Response codes to significantly help. QR codes can be attached to the objects to allow information to be part of their physical presence

Quick Response is a plain matrix code manufactured with the intent of fast decoding, using scanning equipment. QR Codes can handle alphanumeric characters, symbols, binary, and other kinds of code. They feature error correction capabilities that allow data to be brought back to full capacity even if the symbol has been trashed. Codes can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks, like opening a webpage or connecting to a cloud database. To access the data, a consumer just needs to scan the code with a smart phone, tablet, or other electronic device with an appropriate application installed.

Digital As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings provide critical information such as location and sizes of all components in the design of a building. Therefore, companies who use as-built drawings can ensure that future renovation projects run more efficiently and are completed on time. The drawings allow one to confidently plan expansion, additions and modifications of plant facilities and turnarounds. The creation of a cloud-based repository of as-built drawings allow accessibility through Quick Response codes, which permit swift access to the maintenance team using their tablets or phones.

Digital Operations and Maintenance Manuals

The operation and maintenance manual (O&M) defines the requirements and procedures for the effective operation, maintenance and decommissioning of equipment. These manuals are of great importance to the operations and maintenance team. By digitizing the plan, large organized systems can store the O&M information on a cloud database created to provide accessibility to each individual O&M manual for each piece of equipment via QR code.

Syed Ahsan Baqi is an experienced engineering consultant.

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